About Us


Professional Property Services

Professional Property Services (PPS) was founded in 1989 as a full service property Management Company to serve non-profit owners. The company began with three primary goals:

To deliver professional property management & consulting services to multi-family properties.

To design creative and innovative management programs tailored to the specific characteristic of each individual property, and to support the visions and goals of the property owner.

To be especially sensitive to the human services goals of non-profits owners, while delivering the best possible technical services to address the fiscal and physical needs of the property.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to achieve geometric growth, but to provide quality service to a select group of clients who demand personalized service with an eye for detail. We make a conscience effort everyday to continue to strive and realize the excellence required to fulfill our mission and in achieving the goals of our clients.

We Provide

PPS is able to provide a wide selection of cutting edge property management and financial services. We have the ability to adapt our systems and programs to fit the individual needs and goals of the property owner. Our management program can be completely tailored to be compatible with your specific needs.